Friday, November 30, 2007

Thompson Building Supply

Thompson Building Supply
Inventory includes stone for garden use.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Spa Plaster

I spoke with Alan Smith Pool today. I think the plaster I will use will be from Gemstone and is called Tahoe Blue.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Monday, November 26, 2007

Spa With Brown Tile

Spa Tile and Coping

Here is a sample of the tile Wayne has suggested for the spa. The coping will be a natural stone.

Chat with the Landscaper

Well, while we were away for Thanksgiving, the landscape work continued. I spoke with Wayne today about several things.

First, some of the pavers have a little too much of the surface "tumbled" and look more like they are broken than weathered. Wayne says we can have those removed and replaced with less weathered pavers.

Next we talked about the coping for the spa. Wayne showed me the cap stone for the pavers we are using and we decided it would be too rough to use in the spa. He is going to get me some samples of alternatives.

I asked Wayne to get me the samples of tile for the spa and the barbecue. I requested a little lead time so I could actually make a decision without the pressure of needing the answer right away. He said he would accomodate.

Finally, he said the rain screed in the bedroom area was within the allowance of the local code.

Samuel Heath

The minute I saw the word "stockist" on the web site, I knew I was looking at a web site from a company located in England. I am very excited about
Samuel Heath

because they sell some great hardware which will complete my windows once installed. I am thinking specifically about Casement Stays with locking pins. This will allow me to have the casement windows open slightly but with the ability to "lock" the window to a limited opening.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Points to discuss about the landscape remodel

Landscaping November 18, 2007
1) Fire Pit
a) Following set back required by HOA
b) Proposed design of the fire pit/extra warmth/glass versus lava

2) Drains
a) Current number versus number in the plan
b) Missing drain in the spa area
3) Discuss proposed configuration for the patio cover
4) SPA
a) Drip lines for pots in the spa area
b) What is the proposed coping for the spa?
c) What is the proposed tile for the spa/counter?
d) Self Filling Mechanism with estimated cost
e) Has water line for spa been created?

5) Selection of pavers
6) Discuss possibility of using stone for paving the “walkway” area in the plan
7) Selection of fountains
a) Spa Area
b) Perimeter Area

8) Walkway Pavers to the fire pit
9) Discuss the angular paving area outside of the family room door.
10) Discuss lighting on the building—location and style
11) Chris Bedroom
a) Discuss grading in Christopher’s bedroom area to be in compliance with code if we use out swing or sliding doors.
b) Drip lines for pot by Chris’s patio area
12) Ask about roses along the side walkway

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Reconfiguring the Family Room Windows and Doors

I have been working on a plan to center the family room windows and doors. I was having problems with the patio cover because the support posts are not in the correct location if the doors are centered. Today I worked in photoshop to come up with a plan which would accomodate the change.

Blueprints and Plans Discovered in Planning Department

I ventured to the planning department at city hall yesterday. I discovered that over the summer, some of the blueprints for my house were copied to a computer program. We were able to print some of the plans. Unfortunately, they did not print to scale but became distorted. It is interesting to see some of the original plans. Some of the details were changed in the final execution.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Lasertron Grill Door Panels in Stainless Steel

I discovered a company which makes stainless steel door panels which can be used in outside applications such as grill areas. Their name is Lasertron, Inc. Their phone is 954-846-8600.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Brillant Woodworking in San Juan Capistrano

Gabriel McKeagney, a fifth generation craftsman working in San Juan Capistrano, CA, is the founder of Tempo Carpentry & Design, Inc. His distinctive projects are artistic and functional.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Master Bath Versions From Eric G.

Version 1

Close in existing door, move to the diagonal wall.
The wall of the shower is moved 12-14 inches making the shower wider. All angles in the room are 45 degrees: entry door, shower door, clipped corners on the vanities. Edge of the tub is curved. Toilet closet is smaller to move shower wall. Entry can have a single glass Frenchdoor or two small glass French doors which split in the middle. This version allows bed to be placed on the wall where the door used to be and the tv/entertainment unit opposite.

Version 2

This version creates a larger entry into the masterbath to give a better focal point when you enter the master bedroom. Both vanities are moved to the same side. Shower is much larger. This view would utilize the same floor plan as the master bedroom currently uses.

Version 3

Close in existing door, move to the diagonal wall.
This version flips the shower and the toilet closet, which would require cost of relocating the plumbing for toilet and shower. The tub sits in the existing alcove with a curved edge. Entry can have a single glass Frenchdoor or two small glass French doors which split in the middle. This version allows bed to be placed on the wall where the door used to be and the tv/entertainment unit opposite.

Links for Lighting Sources

I found a great web site which has tons of links for lighting sources:

Lighting Innovation