Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Walls in the Stairwell

If your walls are not curved, it becomes easier to display collections of art. 

Monday, November 22, 2010

More Iron Railing

When we were planning our new stair railing, I looked everywhere I could find iron work to see the different kinds of options available.
This photo is from one of the hotels in Las Vegas.  It shows the combination of brass and iron.  Very classic.  You can see that even though it is not ornate, the craftsmen did a very good job with the curved, scrolling portions.

This photo shows a leaf which the men craft from iron.  It has been painted in a faux finish to highlight the element.
An elaborate example from Italy.

When we were planning our new stair railing, I looked everywhere I could find iron work to see the different kinds of options available.

The final photo shows my stair rail during installation.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Before and After in the Stairwell

Before renovation, skylight with light fixture

Skylight removed

View from the top of walls, chandelier, new iron stair rail.

The transformation in the stairwell is amazing. 

Before: How it looked
The wall of the stairwell is curved as shown in the view of the ceiling.  The railing was a honey yellow oak.  The ceiling included a blue and clear colored stain glass skylight which was surrounded by oak and from which a light fixture (glass and gold colored metal) was suspended.  The skylight was odd because the actual skylight in the roof was not centered over this feature.  Therefore, during the daytime it always looked half-dimmed.  The shape of the skylight didn't compliment the curved walls.

Possible Solutions
My architect suggested changing out the stained glass with a specialty glass and having the oak trim of the skylight painted white to blend into the ceiling. A decorator who was helping me suggested removing the skylight and dry walling the ceiling. I thought the decorator's suggestion worked best for me because I would not be left with a feature which would compete visually with other elements in the stairway.

After:  What we did
Once I decided to remove the skylight, I realized light fixture would be the focus; I found a very beautiful antique which was rewired.

Additionally, we decided to replace the old oak stair rail with one fabricated from iron. We wanted some scroll work but tried to keep the design more simplified because the curve of the staircase is fairly tight. The iron fabricator painted the ironwork a dark brown/black color.We were very pleased with the results.

We used Dunn Edwards paint "Gourmet Honey" on the walls.

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Master Bath Before and After


We gutted the master and relocated the sinks, door, shower and water closet.

The house was built in the 80s. The baths and home had a color palette which definitely reflected that decade. The master bath was a shrimp-apricot-pink color. We choose a mellow golden color. The slab and tiles are a limestone called. The floor is a travertine. I used a very wonderful tile supplier which I will mention many times in coming articles because the woman who helped me was brilliant with tile. She helped me select a wonderful onyx which really was the punch for the room. The paint color is .

Windows:  Marvin with Oil Rubbed Bronze Handles
Bathroom Hardware for sinks, tub, and shower:  Newport Brass 1740 series in satin nickel.
Sinks:  Toto Rendezvous® Undercounter Lavatory with SanaGloss® #1 Cotton
Toilet:  Toto Clayton Tank with Elongated Bowl #1 Cotton
Edge detail on countertops:  Ogee with apron under (1/4" reveal)
Cabinet Hardware: RK International Hardware Satin Nickel-Crossed Indian Drum Knob
Cabinet hardware:  RK International Hardware Satin Nickel-Lines and Crosses Pull
Door Hardware:  Ashley Norton Oil Rubbed Bronze Chester with Small Arched Plate...special order of
Paint--Walls:  Dunn Edwards Gourmet Honey
Lighting:  Sconces

Friday, November 05, 2010

Time to Post Again

I was so busy with the remodel, I never posted during the process. I am going to start posting some before and after shots. Additionally, I will add important learning during the process.