Monday, December 24, 2007

notes with Landscaper

Day/Knight Notes on Front Yard Maintenance/Trimming

1. Liquid Ambers—shaped and pruned reducing height by 1/3.
2. Gardenias (by entrance)—remove ivy and jasmine, clean up sand and concrete left after installation of pavers
3. Podicarpus (by dining room/entrance)—trim, clean dead/old growth; remove knobs, approximately same height except for sucker growth at top.
4. Nandinas (by library windows)—leave nandinas (trim), except for two small plants near the drive
5. Planter Area near dining room windows—Leave calla lilies, xylosma (trim/prune to open up hedge, remove knobs—while still maintaining structure of the hedge), remove miscellaneous ground covers/plants in planter. Clean up sand/concrete from pavers.
6. Miscellaneous plywood sheets (two in front and two moved to back when demo was in process), metal pole and basketball hoop—remove.
7. Hillside beds on the right as you face the house—clean up ground vegetation, prune shrubs and trees removing dead and diseased branches. Remember to maintain a sense of privacy screen in this area while providing for a more visually attractive area. Deepen the size of this bed.
8. Front planters by street—remove roses. Prune Pink Hawthorne/remove knobs. Bulbs on left (let’s remove and I will plant in the vegetable garden area)
9. Podicarpus by garage—reduce height to somewhere in between the top of window and the bottom of the grey trim accent.
10. Xylosma (in front of garage) prune and open up as done in front of dining room area.
11. Xylosma (along drive)—prune and open up as done by dining room area. Create larger walkway area by garage.
12. Agapanthus (along drive)—clean up, remove pups
13. Increase bed size around agapanthus with bender board
14. Hillside beds on the left as you face the house—remove volunteer plants, clean up ivy growing over shrubs.
15. Walkway on left side leading back to the gate—remove grass in this area and replace with mulch. Discuss how bender board is placed to keep sense of walkway to back.
16. Catch basin from drainage system will be taken back a little, collects and drops to the street surrounded by stone. (Discuss about idea of loose stone. Maybe something more permanent in nature?)

Additional REMARKS on Landscape Proposal:
Hold on Plantings near windows/house until after completion of new window installation and stucco work.
Will review lighting to determine number of lights needed.

Discuss irrigation placement and type near the library windows, entrance, and bed by dining room

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