Friday, August 31, 2007

August 31, 2007 Master Bath Tub from Oceania Baths

In researching tubs for the master bath, I found one which I really like. Oceania Baths is the manufacturer. Rather than jets, the bath uses air bubbles which are released from a channel in the sides of the tub. The results are an aeromassage. Once the tub is empty, the channel is drained and air dried. This keeps the tub a little more hygenic.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

August 29, 2007 Bathroom Tile Blues

Color of Sink/Toilet in Bath
Tile I Like
It is my own fault. I decided after reading about marble that it is not tough enough to stand up to my two sons. They are not the neat and tidy types. So I told the decorator we needed another type of counter surface. At first, she thought she could use a brown Silestone. But now she thinks it doesn't tie in with the other products selected. So she is rethinking the tiles and countertops. While I was scouting out stone today, I found this local store which supplies stone and tile for baths and kitchens. I really liked this tile for the kid's bath. It is from a company called Gainey Ceramics. I'm not sure it goes with the sink color we ordered though.

August 29, 2007 Bouquet Canyon Found

I have had success in finding stone to replace the stone at the front of the house. When we remove some of the windows, the stonework will be removed and cannot be reused because of the way it is cut. Finding this stone will allow us to do the demo without having to come up with another way to finish the facade at the front of the house.

August 29, 2007 In Search of Canyon Bouquet

We have stonework on the exterior of the house. When we replace the windows, this stone work will be removed and hopefully replaced. We will need some new stone to replace the old because of the way the windows are installed. I was told they don't mine this type of stone anymore. However, I found a stone supplier right in my very city who says he carries this type of stone. I am going down to see his selection and take some photos.

August 28, 2007 Windows Meeting

I had a very long meeting with my decorator, a contractor and a really wonderful window supplier. We met to go over many details of my job. I need a final bid on the cost of the windows as well as an estimate or at least a worst case scenario for the cost removing the windows, installing the windows, repairing the stucco, repairing the drywall, trimming the inside of the window and painting the window and trim.

I confirmed some of the details of the windows.
1. The exterior will be white
2. The interior hardware on the windows will be white and casement cranks will fold.
3. The grill/mullions will be 1 1/8" thick.
4. The French door hardware is still to be determined.
5. The spacer bar is spec'd between the windows. The spacer bar gives the appearance of true divided light.
6. If we add the exterior "brick mould" which Andersen calls auxiliary casing, I need to get in writing that Andersen's warranty is still in effect.

Various exterior casings from Andersen

Our meeting also included walking through the house and making sure each of the windows spec'd were going to fit in the existing opening. We decided to make a few doors a little smaller (1") than the current opening instead of going to the expense of moving the headers. The contractor also suggested we eliminate the window in one of the closets as a cost savings. We changed the windows in the bedrooms from double hung to casement to allow for appropriate egress without having to reconstruct the header.

The meeting ended up being about 2 1/2 hours long but we really defined all of the issue. Final things which I still need to clarify is the function of the windows in library (should they be fixed or casement and if casement which will open.) as well as finalizing the entry door.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

August 28, 2007 Andersen Windows

I stopped by a supplier of Andersen Windows yesterday. I ended up spending about an hour talking with someone who really knew his stuff. He provided me with some brochures and from his own books, he gave me two spec sheets which outlines which sizes of Andersen will meet egress code for bedrooms.

One question which I have had about Andersen was about brick molding. Brick molding is a trim feature which is placed on the outside of the window frame. I was under the impression that Andersen didn't have a brick molding. He showed me two items called installation accessories (vinyl trim board and auxiliary casing) which can be used in this function. That puts Andersen back in the running for my windows.

Friday, August 24, 2007

August 24, 2007 Home Owners Association Packet Prepared

I worked diligently yesterday and finished my packet of materials for the Home Owners Association Architectural Committee meeting. I wrote a two page letter outlining the changes. Here is an excerpt and the supporting exhibit of the new window design:

Windows and French Doors— remove and replace.
Anderson windows.
Exterior white (same as current windows).

Please note the following changes to the front elevation.
(See exhibit B)

1. The contractor cannot guarantee the cast concrete trim around window E and garage window will remain intact. This type of material is no longer available. We plan to eliminate the cast concrete trim around these two windows if it is damaged upon removal. The proposed front elevation shows this change.

2. Garage window (exhibit A) to be modified to a new mullion pattern.

The meeting is in September. Hope it goes well.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

August 21, 2007 Busy Meeting

Beverly met with me today and we accomplished so many things!
1. Selected exterior housing color
2. Selected exterior lighting fixtures
3. Went over the detailed plans for the children's bath and noted any final changes. We are making sure the soffit is redrawn at the correct height. Additionally, we want to verify the trim in the shower matches the height of the backsplash over the sink. We added an outlet to the new storage area for a radio. We changed the light switch order to first position are the CFL lights(sconces and shower). Second position are the incandescent downlights. The third position is the fan. 4. We reviewed the countertop material. Beverly had a nice composite stone countertop in a color called coffee bean which we will use in place of the marble.
5. We discussed the entry door. We decided to use stained wood and selected a nice stain color.
6. We selected two drawer and door fronts for the cabinetry in the children's bath. Bev with send these cabinets out for bids.
7. We added the shampoo/soap shelf to the drawing of the shower area.
8. I was surprised Bev plans no window treatment in the shower area. I would have liked something here.

August 21, 2007 Exterior Paint Colors Selected from Dunn-Edwards

I have been busy preparing my packet of information for the HOA. My decorator met with me today, and we selected paint colors. The house is Almond Latte, the windows are Frosting Cream, and the house trim is Pike Lake. These colors come from Dunn-Edwards. My scanner didn't keep the color as true as I would have liked. The Pike lake color is a rich deep gray with blue undertone.

Monday, August 20, 2007

August 20, 2007 Home Owners' Association Approval

I live in a community managed by a HOA.

I know certain areas of my remodel will require their approval. The next meeting is the first Thursday in September. I am required to get any plans for approval to them by the end of the week.

Currently, the things for which I need approval are
stone work change around windows,
paint/trim color selection,
entry door,
possibly any light fixture changes.

Also, I am not sure if driveway changes fall under the architectural committee or the landscape committee.

The community management company is faxing my an application form which I must return with two sets of plans and $50! Yikes! I just read the Architectural and Landscaping Standards and Association Rules. You cannot believe the detail they specify in the rules. I hope I can provide all the info they need.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

August 18, 2007 Entry Door All Options Covered

This door includes features from each of the previous doors which I liked. First, the shape is similar to the entrance with a graceful arch. Next, the door offers the more traditional look of the door Kathi found but with the solid door and side lights which have been etched, you get a little more privacy. I think something like this in the right stain or paint would be just what we would like!
Further modification without the top light which I think makes it look even more traditional.

I found this door on a site called Country Heritage.

August 18, 2006 Bath Fixtures

I purchased bath fixtures for the children's bath yesterday. I worked with a really great sales person, Rosie. I ordered a Toto toilet, Kohler sink, Grohe and Hansgrohe faucet and shower fixtures. I feel very good about the purchase because the store where I purchased has deeply discounted prices.

Friday, August 17, 2007

August 17, 2007 Entry Door Jeld Wen

My friend Kathi found this awesome Jeld Wen door which might fit the style of my house better than the door below but still has the same arched shape. I think this has potential.

This is another example of an arched door with a more traditional style which I found in Southern Living Magazine.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

August 16, 2007 Entry Door

Here is a photo of my current entry door. We are planning to replace this door in the remodel. One reason is because of the awkward installation on the interior of the house. I believe the person who built the house didn't measure properly for the door because currently the door trim actually is embedded in the ceiling at the tallest point. (See photo below.)

I went to the internet and found this great looking door from Hubbard Iron Doors. I photoshopped it into a my entry picture. I think it looks very nice in the space. Oh, and my friend said her husband would like this door, especially if it comes with the blonde! LOL

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

August 15, 2007 Decorator: Guest Bath

Counter selection:"
We moved forward with plans for the guest bath. Bev selected a beautiful stone with golds, browns, and grayish green. She modified the tile to go with it to one which is a little more golden. There is a fabulous accent trim tile which accents the grayish green in the stone.

Cabinet: The cabinet will be painted. The sink will be centerd in the cabinet and this will still allow for ample drawer space on each side of the sink.

Window: The window will be covered with a flat Roman shade.

Bev will be creating a CAD drawing.

August 15, 20007 Decorator: Children's bath

Bev came by today to discuss windows and to work on the bath designs.
I updated her on info from Richie. We decided that the hardware should be in the silver tone (like brushed nickel). We also decided the exterior color should be the white version.
We decided the children's bath cabinet needs to be a little smaller (4 inches) in width so the small wall at the end fits the space better. Since the cabinet is smaller, we decided to go with a little smaller version of the sink Kohler Ladena sink.
We discussed the tile pattern in the shower area and Bev described that while her CAD drawing shows approximate the tile placement, she will work with the tile craftmen after the area is demo'd and remudded. Her goal will be to center the pattern both based on the window and the entire area. We will also select the location of the shampoo and soap shelf.
The seat will be finished in the same tile with the top piece overlapping the bottom and sanded/finished to a smooth edge.

The shower glass will be approximate 81 inches tall to reflect the height of the door into the area with moulding. We should remember the replacement moulding is going to be a little taller than the old moulding. I don't know if an inch will make a difference.

The tile/counter selection is a travertine for the tile and the counter in a deep brown marble. Small squares of the brown marble will be used in the shower area to define the perimeter of the shower floor and to create a pattern in the wall tile.
Counter selection:

A new "closet" area is being added in the entrance area. We discuss the doors for this area. Bev wants to give it a more designed look and will use the same door fronts at the cabinetry for the sink. It will be divded in two sections--top and bottom.

August 15, 2007 Windows: Andersen versus Loewen

I visited my window supplier's home this afternoon. He wanted me to see the installation of windows with brick moulding and without brick moulding. He says Andersen does not offer brick moulding and Loewen does offer it. The brick mould does make the window look more substantial.

Cost impact? Already the Loewen is a bit more expensive. And now the brick moulding will up the cost more.

I liked the hardware for Andersen a little better.

August 15, 2007 Windows

I met with Richie today about windows. He is a very patient professional and encourages me to ask all the questions I want. Boy, that is a relief, because I had a few items I felt I wanted to discuss.

We are either going to install Andersen or Loewen. The Anderson are a bit more economical and offers a stronger warranty. I also like some of the features. For example, I like the smaller grids available through Andersen better than Loewens. If I decide on the wider grid (1 1/8 inch) then it is not as important. Loewen offers a brickmold to finish off the exterior of the window which Andersen does not. That might end up being the deciding factor.

Richie invited me to come to his house to see his Andersens since they are installed in stucco without the brick mould. I will see if I like the way it looks.

Monday, August 13, 2007

August 13, 2007 Children's Bath

I have to remember to ask Beverly about what her plan is for a Shampoo/Soap Shelf in the Children's Bath.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

August 11, 2007 Kid's Bath

I talked with Beverly today about my project.

I asked about adding a soffit in the children's bath over the shower area. She said she would draw one into the plans.

We also discussed lighting. In California, we have requirements to aid in lowering the use of electricity in the house. The first light which is turned on in the bath must be flourescent. We agreed that the lights by the mirror would be flourescent and the light over the shower would be flourescent as well. These would be on one circuit and all come on at the same time. There will also be some canned down lights over the sink area.

Even though the room has a window, we agreed a fan would be a nice addition, especially in the winter when the room can get steamy and windows won't be open.

We made an appointment to meet sometime on Wednesday (time TBA) so we can review materials and discuss the next bath...the guest bath.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Panoramic View Windows

This panoramic view shows windows which will be replaced. The window in the garage will be redesigned to look more substantial in the arch area. The windows in the room on the right side will be shorter and the stone work will be the same height all the way across.

I photoshopped a photo to show the way it will look after the new windows are installed.

Panoramic View

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

August 8, 2007

I have completely reviewed the window plans and the children's bath plans. I made copius notes and then called Bev on Tuesday afternoon. I am waiting to hear from her.

I spent the last hour organizing my notebooks with costs, plans, and photos. I think I will call Bev around 1 so I won't be interupting official lunch hour. However, I am not sure she lunches at a regular time.

Monday, August 06, 2007

August 6, 2007 Windows and Bath

I have been busy looking at the CAD drawings of the windows made by Richie. I had hoped all the windows in the CAD drawings would be in the same scale. Alas, they are not. So what this does not afford me is the ability to look at each window and the grids/muntins/mullions and determine how the overall perspective.

I am assuming the drawings are good for the most part. I do have some questions, however.

Here they are:

1. What are the dimensions of the wood members which make up the muntins?
2. In the arched windows (Library, garage, stairwell) what is the actual configuration of the muntins in the arched section?
3. What is the hardware selection?
4. Do we want double hungs in the family room?
5. Do we need to change to casement in the bedrooms?
6. Revisit the window size in the library. How does the smaller window height look from the exterior?
7. Library windows. Selection of the location of the casement windows versus the fixed window.
8. What is the trim package like for the exterior of the house?
9 What is the overall cost with the new specs on the A windows versus the L windows?

Also, Bev had the contractor come out to the house. She tells me that some of the cast concrete might not survive removal. Therefore, we probably will lose the detailing around the garage window and the library window.

Finally, we agreed to move the door to the children's bath which will allow us to include a linen closet in their bath.

Friday, August 03, 2007

August 3, 2007

We are starting with the children's bath. I spoke with Bev today. She is going to pay for the window for the bath and I am reimbursing her upon reciept of invoice from her.

She also will send plans out today for the bath's design.
She changed the color of the bath items to biscuit because it will match the color of the stone better.
We also discussed wide set faucets versus single unit. She likes the wide set for the style of sink (rectangular) because it balances the size better. I selected the Grohe brand.

Here is my favorite fixture (this is the kitchen version).