Wednesday, August 15, 2007

August 15, 2007 Windows

I met with Richie today about windows. He is a very patient professional and encourages me to ask all the questions I want. Boy, that is a relief, because I had a few items I felt I wanted to discuss.

We are either going to install Andersen or Loewen. The Anderson are a bit more economical and offers a stronger warranty. I also like some of the features. For example, I like the smaller grids available through Andersen better than Loewens. If I decide on the wider grid (1 1/8 inch) then it is not as important. Loewen offers a brickmold to finish off the exterior of the window which Andersen does not. That might end up being the deciding factor.

Richie invited me to come to his house to see his Andersens since they are installed in stucco without the brick mould. I will see if I like the way it looks.

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