Wednesday, August 22, 2007

August 21, 2007 Busy Meeting

Beverly met with me today and we accomplished so many things!
1. Selected exterior housing color
2. Selected exterior lighting fixtures
3. Went over the detailed plans for the children's bath and noted any final changes. We are making sure the soffit is redrawn at the correct height. Additionally, we want to verify the trim in the shower matches the height of the backsplash over the sink. We added an outlet to the new storage area for a radio. We changed the light switch order to first position are the CFL lights(sconces and shower). Second position are the incandescent downlights. The third position is the fan. 4. We reviewed the countertop material. Beverly had a nice composite stone countertop in a color called coffee bean which we will use in place of the marble.
5. We discussed the entry door. We decided to use stained wood and selected a nice stain color.
6. We selected two drawer and door fronts for the cabinetry in the children's bath. Bev with send these cabinets out for bids.
7. We added the shampoo/soap shelf to the drawing of the shower area.
8. I was surprised Bev plans no window treatment in the shower area. I would have liked something here.

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