Friday, August 24, 2007

August 24, 2007 Home Owners Association Packet Prepared

I worked diligently yesterday and finished my packet of materials for the Home Owners Association Architectural Committee meeting. I wrote a two page letter outlining the changes. Here is an excerpt and the supporting exhibit of the new window design:

Windows and French Doors— remove and replace.
Anderson windows.
Exterior white (same as current windows).

Please note the following changes to the front elevation.
(See exhibit B)

1. The contractor cannot guarantee the cast concrete trim around window E and garage window will remain intact. This type of material is no longer available. We plan to eliminate the cast concrete trim around these two windows if it is damaged upon removal. The proposed front elevation shows this change.

2. Garage window (exhibit A) to be modified to a new mullion pattern.

The meeting is in September. Hope it goes well.

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