Tuesday, August 28, 2007

August 28, 2007 Andersen Windows

I stopped by a supplier of Andersen Windows yesterday. I ended up spending about an hour talking with someone who really knew his stuff. He provided me with some brochures and from his own books, he gave me two spec sheets which outlines which sizes of Andersen will meet egress code for bedrooms.

One question which I have had about Andersen was about brick molding. Brick molding is a trim feature which is placed on the outside of the window frame. I was under the impression that Andersen didn't have a brick molding. He showed me two items called installation accessories (vinyl trim board and auxiliary casing) which can be used in this function. That puts Andersen back in the running for my windows.


dynochick (Jan) said...

I have had Andersen windows in 2 of my homes. My biggest complaint was the fact that I could not replace the glass but had to buy an entire replacement sash. You might ask them if this is still the case. Just my 2 cents....Jan

earlysnowdrop said...

Thanks for this information. I will ask this question.