Wednesday, August 15, 2007

August 15, 20007 Decorator: Children's bath

Bev came by today to discuss windows and to work on the bath designs.
I updated her on info from Richie. We decided that the hardware should be in the silver tone (like brushed nickel). We also decided the exterior color should be the white version.
We decided the children's bath cabinet needs to be a little smaller (4 inches) in width so the small wall at the end fits the space better. Since the cabinet is smaller, we decided to go with a little smaller version of the sink Kohler Ladena sink.
We discussed the tile pattern in the shower area and Bev described that while her CAD drawing shows approximate the tile placement, she will work with the tile craftmen after the area is demo'd and remudded. Her goal will be to center the pattern both based on the window and the entire area. We will also select the location of the shampoo and soap shelf.
The seat will be finished in the same tile with the top piece overlapping the bottom and sanded/finished to a smooth edge.

The shower glass will be approximate 81 inches tall to reflect the height of the door into the area with moulding. We should remember the replacement moulding is going to be a little taller than the old moulding. I don't know if an inch will make a difference.

The tile/counter selection is a travertine for the tile and the counter in a deep brown marble. Small squares of the brown marble will be used in the shower area to define the perimeter of the shower floor and to create a pattern in the wall tile.
Counter selection:

A new "closet" area is being added in the entrance area. We discuss the doors for this area. Bev wants to give it a more designed look and will use the same door fronts at the cabinetry for the sink. It will be divded in two sections--top and bottom.

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