Friday, August 17, 2007

August 17, 2007 Entry Door Jeld Wen

My friend Kathi found this awesome Jeld Wen door which might fit the style of my house better than the door below but still has the same arched shape. I think this has potential.

This is another example of an arched door with a more traditional style which I found in Southern Living Magazine.


Brendan said...

I'm sorry, but it wasn't the doors that first caught my eye. The doors are lovely, but it's the roof that instantly got my attention. I love how the color perfectly matches the walls, and the symmetry makes it almost addictive to look at. The owner of the house must've gotten really good roofing contractors. Vancouver, from what I've heard, has great houses with amazing roofs. Well, we have that here in Richmond too, and we know how to take good care of them. Whenever we have problems, we never hesitate to call the experts on roof repair (Richmond-based). I guess that's what they also do in Vancouver.

Gratia Latin said...

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