Thursday, August 16, 2007

August 16, 2007 Entry Door

Here is a photo of my current entry door. We are planning to replace this door in the remodel. One reason is because of the awkward installation on the interior of the house. I believe the person who built the house didn't measure properly for the door because currently the door trim actually is embedded in the ceiling at the tallest point. (See photo below.)

I went to the internet and found this great looking door from Hubbard Iron Doors. I photoshopped it into a my entry picture. I think it looks very nice in the space. Oh, and my friend said her husband would like this door, especially if it comes with the blonde! LOL


Xiamen Cason Creating Co.,Ltd. said...

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Candie said...

Don't you just love how iron entry doors look? There's something so majestic about them that instantly makes you stunned with how creatively it was made. That's why I had a hard time selecting the ornamental iron doors for my house. They all looked great! I ended up choosing among four equally suitable entry doors, and it took me a whole week before I was able to finally pick the best one.

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