Monday, October 30, 2006

A House in Need Should Be Remodeled Indeed!

Most of my adult life has been spent moving. My spouse worked for Pepsico in their restaurant division (when they had a restaurant division*). Our first move was to Louisville, Kentucky, (KFC) in 1990. Over the decade we moved every two years or so. This many moves did make me a "professional mover" of sorts, it also meant that we barely got the boxes unpacked when we were packing up again. This meant that we never were in a house long enough to have the house require any home improvements beyond touch up paint to hid a few scuffs on the walls when we put the house on the market.

Then we moved to California in 1999 (our fifth move). All of a sudden, it is seven years later. Looks like we are keeping this house for an indefinite period of time. This is a lovely home which was built in the mid-1980s. So if it were a horse instead of a house, it would be a little long in the tooth. The baths and kitchen are all original. Even the walls throughout the house, while having had a few coats of paint to refresh them, are the original popular 1985 color of mauve.

We decided it is time to update, renew, remodel. This blog is the chronicle of this experience. I will be posting pictures of the before and hopefully the after. I will post my experiences in finding professionals to help me with this project. I will also post my experience in selecting products to replace.

*In the late 90s, the restaurants were spun off to a newly created company called Tricon International which now trades as YUM.