Sunday, September 23, 2007

September 23, 2007 Flooring Finishes Defined

I am researaching hardwood flooring options today. Thank goodness of the internet and of course Google!

I found a great custom wood flooring web site, T. Morton & Company. Apparently you can request samples of their product. In looking at the options of "appointments," you can select none, distressed, sculpted, wirebrushed, or French Bleed. Not knowing what these different terms mean, I went in search of definitions.
None--Well, this "appointment" I know.

Distressed--also called wire brushed. This type of character marking is done by machine such as a wire brush. Less expensive technique than those done by hand.

Sculpted--also called hand scraped. Gives the look of older reclaimed wood. This technique is done by hand with wood scraping tools. This technique is more expensive than character markings achieved by machine.

French Bleed--Black stain is used to highlight irregular/distressed edges (side and end joints) of the design.

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