Monday, November 26, 2007

Chat with the Landscaper

Well, while we were away for Thanksgiving, the landscape work continued. I spoke with Wayne today about several things.

First, some of the pavers have a little too much of the surface "tumbled" and look more like they are broken than weathered. Wayne says we can have those removed and replaced with less weathered pavers.

Next we talked about the coping for the spa. Wayne showed me the cap stone for the pavers we are using and we decided it would be too rough to use in the spa. He is going to get me some samples of alternatives.

I asked Wayne to get me the samples of tile for the spa and the barbecue. I requested a little lead time so I could actually make a decision without the pressure of needing the answer right away. He said he would accomodate.

Finally, he said the rain screed in the bedroom area was within the allowance of the local code.

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