Sunday, November 18, 2007

Points to discuss about the landscape remodel

Landscaping November 18, 2007
1) Fire Pit
a) Following set back required by HOA
b) Proposed design of the fire pit/extra warmth/glass versus lava

2) Drains
a) Current number versus number in the plan
b) Missing drain in the spa area
3) Discuss proposed configuration for the patio cover
4) SPA
a) Drip lines for pots in the spa area
b) What is the proposed coping for the spa?
c) What is the proposed tile for the spa/counter?
d) Self Filling Mechanism with estimated cost
e) Has water line for spa been created?

5) Selection of pavers
6) Discuss possibility of using stone for paving the “walkway” area in the plan
7) Selection of fountains
a) Spa Area
b) Perimeter Area

8) Walkway Pavers to the fire pit
9) Discuss the angular paving area outside of the family room door.
10) Discuss lighting on the building—location and style
11) Chris Bedroom
a) Discuss grading in Christopher’s bedroom area to be in compliance with code if we use out swing or sliding doors.
b) Drip lines for pot by Chris’s patio area
12) Ask about roses along the side walkway

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